Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a New AC or Furnace

When your furnace or air conditioner fails, replacing your system comes with a long list of important decisions. You need to select the type of system you want, determine the right size for your new unit, find a reliable contractor, decide on a maintenance or […]

Why You Should Be Wary of Bargain HVAC Repairs

Watch out for low-cost HVAC repairs. The price might look good but many contractors cut corners that end up costing you more money down the road. The price on your HVAC estimate looks great, but do you know what your HVAC contractor is actually doing? […]

5 Common Home Heating Myths

Homeowners are busy preparing for the winter season by finding ways of controlling home heating costs. Unfortunately, there are many home heating myths. The following are some of the myths that you may have been doing unknowingly all along. Thermostat Cranking Many people believe that […]

Do HVAC Systems Emit Greenhouse Gases?

Greenhouse gases have an overwhelming effect on the ozone layer. The release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere in small amounts, diffuses into the atmosphere and ultimately reaching the zone layer. The ozone layer protects the earth’s surface from harmful UV rays. This leaves the […]

Heat Pump Freeze Up: What You Can DO Yourself?

Heat pump freeze up is a common problem with HVAC units. The freeze up normally occurs when the coil of your heat pump receives a thick coating of ice built-up over it. A light coating of frost over the coils is normal, but a heavy […]

Reducing Winter Heating Costs?

There are a number of ways that maximum savings can be realized during those  brutally cold winter months. How can that be when it seems like your furnace or central heating is always going, day and night, causing your winter energy costs to soar? Some […]

Reduce Home Heating Costs This Winter

A huge fraction of the annual energy bill for the average household can be attributed to home heating during the cold months of the year. While heaters consume a lot of fuel or electricity, there are some things which can worsen the situation. For instance, […]

Duct Sealing To Keep Bugs And Rodents Out

Homeowners could at times find it daunting to undertake pest control in order to maintain their house and keep it free from vermin. For instance, pests like mice could invade a home and cause massive damage. This ranges from destroying insulation, walls, or even posing […]

Energy Efficiency Tips For Your HVAC System

Air conditioning systems usually run for long hours, meaning they account for a large fraction of your energy bill. Learning how to properly use your HVAC system can therefore lead to improvements in energy efficiency. If you are concerned about the performance and cost of […]