Carrier Products: Heating And Air Conditioning Provided By Rose Heating

Who we are

We, Rose Heating Co., are a HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) company that has been in business for a long time. We provide heating and air conditioning services to residential and commercial premises in Portland, West Linn and Tigard in Oregon with the best of Carrier products. We not only have qualified technicians, who make your HVAC installation, repair and or maintenance a walk in the park, but also bring highly packaged heating and cooling systems, from Carrier; the most durable and efficient equipments around. Carrier provides a variety of products, so regardless of your needs, you can be sure that we will have the product you need.

Why use Rose Heating Co.?

Optimum temperatures and quality air not only improves the comfort of any residential and commercial premises, but gets rid of pathogens that may cause ill health to those who live and work in the premises. We are a company that knows what we are doing. With our qualified technicians, we will not only give you a non-obligatory assessment and estimation of your potential need, but will also charge you affordable fees for any HVAC replacement, installation and regular maintenance you need. We pride ourselves in getting things accomplished, fast and efficiently so that you do not need to worry about one heating and or air conditioning issue over and over again.

Carrier Heating and Air Conditioning Products

The Carrier HVAC products we supply include high efficiency heat pumps, Carrier heat pumps, Carrier programmable thermostats and Carrier air conditioning systems among others. These products have been tested, over time, and verified of their durability and efficiency. You can, thus, rest assured that once you purchase and have these equipments installed in your home or commercial premise, you will not be going back to the market for a replacement any time soon. Thanks to the energy efficiency of these products, you get to save on energy and associated costs while getting the best of air conditioning and heating.


At Rose Heating Co., we supply our residential and commercial clients in Oregon area (Tigard, Portland and West Linn) with only the best of Carrier products; to meet all their heating and air conditioning needs. Not only do we supply this renown brand’s products, the best in the industry for their durability and energy efficiency, but we also employ our highly trained technicians to conduct the installation, maintenance and repair for you. The best of our deals, perhaps, is the fact that you can always contact us for a free estimate on any of the HVAC work you need us to do for you. For more information on the Carrier products we carry, as well as our quotes on the HVAC services we provide, feel free to call, Rose Heating Co. at (503) 405-4438.