Resources to Help Our Heating and Air Conditioning Customers Save Time and Money

Rose Heating Co. provides our customers with a number of resources you can use to make your heating or air conditioning purchase or service needs more affordable and easier to access. As the region’s premier heating and air repair experts, we understand that the need for service cannot wait during the heat of summer or frost of winter. Proper heating and air conditioning is not just a matter of comfort, but can be a life and death issue.

Money and financing purchases and repairs, however, are always a consideration, too. In order to provide help we have included information about potential savings options for our clients. Examine each to see if there are money saving opportunities for you. We also have a pre-service-checklist to help you prepare for a repair visit.

HVAC Financing

At Rose Heating, we offer flexible financing through our relationship with Wells Fargo Financial National Bank. With flexible terms, lower interest rates, and the low monthly payments that result, our financing options will put your investment in home heating and air conditioning well within reach.

Tax Credits

Some of our customers in Portland, Tigard, and West Linn may qualify for rebates or tax-credits for their comfort purchases. The state of Oregon provides for a variety of residential tax credits depending on the equipment being purchased. Tankless water heaters, for example, may qualify for a credit of up to $340. The Energy Trust of Oregon also provides rebates for furnace, heat pump, and water heater upgrades. The effort is to encourage such upgrades to improve energy efficiency.

Specials and Coupons

Rose Heating Co. also frequently offers specials and coupons throughout the year that you will want to check out. These specials are entirely separate from others that may be offered by Carrier and can help make your new system much more affordable. For example, one recent special knocked $119 off your price for a unit. Check regularly to see if you qualify for one of our specials, since they are limited time offers and often are not valid to be used in combination with another offer.


We offer Carrier rebates and special price promotions. The Carrier Cool Cash Rebate of 2013 received a lot of notoriety for providing customers up to $1,450 when purchasing a qualifying cooling or heating system. Information about all the seasonal Carrier rebates and specials are available from Rose Heating.

Heating and Air Conditioning Pre-Service Checklist

If you are expecting a Rose Heating specialist to perform service, please be sure to review our pre-service checklist to ensure that our technician can go directly to work on your heating and air conditioning system.

There are many ways you can make your purchase or repair service of a heating or air conditioning system more affordable. We at Rose Heating are dedicated to providing you with the best quality service at the lowest possible prices, so contact us if you have any questions.