Sick Building Syndrome: How to Stay Safe

Sick Building Syndrome can seem like a rather strange term at first. Buildings are, of course, inanimate, so how in the world can they be “sick”? The term actually has to do with the health of the people within the structure, and it can be […]

Installation and Maintenance of HVAC Coils

What Necessitates the Need for a New HVAC Coil? For the most part HVAC coils offer trouble-free operation throughout their life cycle. A simple cleaning once or twice a year is all that they will need for the most part. So why would a coil […]

Why You Should Be Wary of Bargain HVAC Repairs

Watch out for low-cost HVAC repairs. The price might look good but many contractors cut corners that end up costing you more money down the road. The price on your HVAC estimate looks great, but do you know what your HVAC contractor is actually doing? […]

Energy Efficiency Tips For Your HVAC System

Air conditioning systems usually run for long hours, meaning they account for a large fraction of your energy bill. Learning how to properly use your HVAC system can therefore lead to improvements in energy efficiency. If you are concerned about the performance and cost of […]

The Basics About Legionnaires’ Disease And HVAC Systems

Legionnaires’ disease was identified and named in 1977 after it infected a large group of American Legion members at a convention in a Philadelphia hotel. This dangerous bacterium is a variety of pneumonia that spreads through HVAC systems and various water fixtures. Although it does […]

How Humidity Levels Affect HVAC Systems

  Most people know that excess humidity can make them feel uncomfortable in the summertime, so it stands to reason that humidity makes air conditioning work harder. Conversely water vapor in the air in the wintertime will make your home feel more comfortable. Humidity levels […]

A Review Of Air Conditioner Types

Air conditioners come in different packages to cater to different needs. People who are planning on having one installed in their house should think carefully about their requirements so that they can get an appropriate unit. Here are the most popular air conditioner types and […]

How Does An Air Conditioner Work?

Millions of people have heating and cooling systems in their homes and offices but only a few of them know how air conditioners work. In fact, some people do not even want to know, provided their AC machines work without a problem. Read on to […]