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7 Ways to Increase Your Portland Oregon Home’s Curb Appeal

Whether you’re making the big step to place your home on the Portland market, or you just want to host a nice dinner party, you’ll want to improve curb appeal in order to make the best impression. The psychology and pride of ownership of pulling up to a home that you truly love is also worth noting.

If you want your home to be more attractive from the outside, it doesn’t have to cost you much of your time or money. Rather, you can use these steps as a quick and easy route to majorly improving your home’s curb appeal, or as a guide to completely overhauling your home’s aesthetic.

How to improve curb appeal in Portland in 7 steps

1. Paint

Whether you are going for a new look or staying the same, a new coat of paint will be able to completely transform the aesthetic of your house. It will brighten up your home and give it that “like-new” look again.

2. Clean up

This is one of the most simple yet effective ways to improve the curb appeal of your home. Just clean up the driveway and get rid of all the necessary items such as lawn toys or other random items which you have in your yard. Cleaning won’t take much time but will be significantly affect the impact your home has on passersby.

3. Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is very important. Soft exterior lights will make your house appear much more friendly and welcoming. Lights can be strategically placed under trees or other exterior fixtures to enhance their appeal at night.

From bringing in groceries from a late night trip to the store to guests coming in late from the airport, great outdoor lighting will not only improve curb appeal, but it is extremely practical. Though it can be gray in Portland, solar lights will not only help keep energy costs down, but they also avoid the hassle of hiding cords.

4. Flowers

Planting flowers along the sidewalk of your house will be able to drastically impact the look of your entire property. You can even make it a fun family project by having your kids help you pick out and plant your new exterior greenery. Be sure to visit your local nursery to see which plants are going to grow best on your land.

5. Garage door

Most people generally tend to neglect their garage door. However, they have a very commanding presence and you should definitely consider upgrading them. Fiberglass garage doors are a very popular option. If you don’t just want the typical garage door look, consider a more unique design when choosing your replacement or considering your paint options. If your garage door is older than 20 years, replacing it will likely improve your home’s energy efficiency, as cracks and gaps around older garage doors are very common.

6. Paint your front door

Your front door is the first thing which all your guests will see while entering your house and therefore it is very important to make a good impression. A new coat of paint will definitely be able to improve the look. If your budget allows, replace the door entirely with woodwork, glass-work and color to match your home’s style.

7. Mailbox

An old and dirty mailbox can affect the entire look of your house. Get one which matches the style of your house. Give your new mailbox an elegant look by encapsulating it in your favorite masonry stone or brick. Finish off the look by planting a few flowers around the base of the mailbox.

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