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5 Tips for Avoiding Some of the Most Common HVAC Scams

When something breaks down in your home, your first instinct may be to call a specialist to diagnose and repair the issue or replace the equipment. Unfortunately, there are companies out there that want to take your money without offering high quality services and products in return.

These scam artists may try to convince you that you need costly repairs that are actually unnecessary or may try to pressure you into buying HVAC equipment or products that you don’t really need. The key to avoiding getting caught up in a scam is to do your research and get documentation throughout all steps of the repair and replacement process.

How to Avoid HVAC Scams

The HVAC industry is no stranger to scams. Dishonest individuals and companies may try to take advantage of a homeowner’s lack of knowledge in the HVAC arena to run a costly scam. Using these 3 tips, you can work to avoid being a victim of an HVAC scam:

  1. Do your research on the HVAC company you choose to work with.

Before you pick up the phone to call a service technician, do a little research on the HVAC companies in your area. The best way to find a reputable HVAC company is by looking at online reviews and business ratings, such as the Better Business Bureau rating. In addition, take a look at their website. Is the website professional with up-to-date contact information? Do they make an effort to educate their customers? Are their technicians certified? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then move on to the next company.

  1. Ask your technician to explain the problem and repair needs.

Some dishonest HVAC technicians may tell you that many things are wrong with your system, but when you ask what they are or want to see the problem for yourself, they cannot explain or don’t want to show you. Any experienced and qualified technician will take the time to educate their customer about any repair needs. The same goes for HVAC salespeople. Scammers may tell you that you need a range of products and expensive equipment to keep your home comfortable, but when you ask them why they may not be so quick to answer. An honest sales person will be able to explain how certain products will help you specifically.

  1. When all else fails, get a second opinion.

You can always get a second opinion. If you think that a price is too high or you may not need all of the repairs that the technician is suggesting, you can always get a second opinion from another HVAC contractor. You may find out that they offer slightly better pricing or that the repairs you need are actually much less serious.

Don’t get caught up in an HVAC scam! Contact the honest and experienced team at Rose Heating for all of your HVAC needs. We have earned our positive reputation in the community by offering quality products and services at an affordable price.

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