Duct Sealing To Keep Bugs And Rodents Out

Homeowners could at times find it daunting to undertake pest control in order to maintain their house and keep it free from vermin. For instance, pests like mice could invade a home and cause massive damage. This ranges from destroying insulation, walls, or even posing […]

Energy Efficiency Tips For Your HVAC System

Air conditioning systems usually run for long hours, meaning they account for a large fraction of your energy bill. Learning how to properly use your HVAC system can therefore lead to improvements in energy efficiency. If you are concerned about the performance and cost of […]

The Basics About Legionnaires’ Disease And HVAC Systems

Legionnaires’ disease was identified and named in 1977 after it infected a large group of American Legion members at a convention in a Philadelphia hotel. This dangerous bacterium is a variety of pneumonia that spreads through HVAC systems and various water fixtures. Although it does […]

Indoor Air Quality: Facts You Need To Know

When most people think of air pollution, they think of smog, big cities, industrial smokestacks, and congested highways. We have been conditioned to think that air pollution only happens outside and only under certain sets of circumstances. However, the worst air pollution you face is […]

Is A Ductless Split System Right For Me?

There are many types of commercially available HVAC systems in existence. They include; window units, central HVAC and ductless split HVAC systems among others. They all have different selling points and shortcomings, but central HVAC and ductless systems are the most popular. It is interesting […]

Does Insulation Really Help Keep Your Home Cool?

People are always looking for ways to decrease their home energy costs. With costs seeming to rise each year, it’s no wonder why. However, what many people do not know is that insulation in the home plays a large role in heating and cooling costs. […]

How Humidity Levels Affect HVAC Systems

  Most people know that excess humidity can make them feel uncomfortable in the summertime, so it stands to reason that humidity makes air conditioning work harder. Conversely water vapor in the air in the wintertime will make your home feel more comfortable. Humidity levels […]

Home Cooling Myths You Need To Know

Since everyone wants to save money on heating bills, it is important for them to find more energy saving options. One of the reasons why people still find themselves with huge bills is because they still subscribe to old thoughts. The problem  comes when you […]

Myth Busters: 8 Ideas About Energy Efficiency Debunked

Over the years, rising energy bills have forced consumers to experiment on ways to increase the energy efficiency of their homes. Some myths have also arisen as homeowners look to save on their power bills. The following are eight energy efficiency myths and their respective […]